Title: You're Not Alone [Radio Rip]

Artist: Owl City ft. Britt Nicole

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Adam’s adorable


Adam’s adorable


Andy sneaks in and goes for this kiss at Absolute Radio

i love patricks reaction


Mt. Pleasant, MI 8/29/14


Mt. Pleasant, MI 8/29/14

Music shuffle

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You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, media player etc and write down the first ten songs, then pass this on to ten people. One rule: no skipping.

Hospital Flowers - Owl City

Freakin’ Me Out - The Ready Set

Spotlight (New Regrets) - Patrick Stump

Embers - Owl City

Wonderfilled Anthem - Owl City

Hello Seattle - Owl City

Suspension - Lights

Dance Miserable - Patrick Stump

Youtopia (feat. Adam Young) - Armin van Buuren

Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy

I don’t really feel like tagging anyone, so if you wanna do it, then go ahead.